The NESA Sales Teams can move fast to accelerate sales. Client’s needs are often specific and custom-made to their business. Many require the acceleration of new business sales in perhaps a new territory, while others require account management, cross-selling, up-selling, set-up of a call centre, qualification of leads, proposition of opportunities, presentations to board and C-level prospects, proposals with executive summaries and most importantly, they will need closing skills.

Our Sales Accelerator Team can literally become Your Sales Team! We typically use a 5 step sales methodology, supported by lead generation campaigns that build and maintain funnel pressure to support new and aggressive sales targets. The funnel pressure is built fast by experts using the latest social media techniques alongside traditional tried and tested activities. This funnel pressure and the targeted profile of opportunities is key to the conversion rates from initial lead to close by the sales team and ultimately leads to the client’s success.

Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator has a strong track record for building million dollar sales pipeline in just a few weeks’ and a 100% client satisfaction rate.


NESA has supported Nordic Eye Venture Capital since 2017 in evaluating businesses in their ability to sell and grow before Nordic Eye Venture Capital invest many millions of dollars. NESA can perform an independent Sales Audit and make recommendations on how best a business should strategies, plan and execute for growth. The CEO can then decide if they would like to execute against the plan or engage with NESA to execute and deliver the Sales Plan.