A leading Venture Capital invested €6 million into the Danish robotics company Blue Ocean Robotics. Blue Ocean Robotics develop and produce professional service robots including the GoBe Robots, UVD Robots and PTR Robots. Double Six was brought in to rapidly accelerate UK interest and sales of the GoBe. We dedicated a team to introducing UVD Robots & GoBe robots into various industries predominantly in the UK including Aviation, Construction, Education and Transport. The GoBe is a telepresence robot that allows users to stay connected and be able to move around their surroundings from wherever they are, with built in LIDAR and 3D cameras. The Double Six team have uncovered a variety of different use cases across multiple industries including various educational institutes, Frimley Park Hospital & Channel 4.

With GoBe’s predecessor the Beam, we were able to deliver support to Channel 4’s ‘The Last Leg’. Presenter Alex Brooker was forced into self-isolation after a close contact tested positive for COVID-19. After the production company reached out, we delivered the robot in a few hours, meaning the rehearsals and show were still able to go ahead that evening. Alex was able to control the robot from home and still go on with presenting the show. Our team worked closely alongside Open Mike Productions for the remainder of the series and supported the feature of the GoBe during ‘The Last Leg’ Christmas Advert that was aired at prime time. The sales teams work closely alongside all of our clients from start to finish to ensure maximum impact from introduction right through to supporting marketing requests and press releases.

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