UCS Renewables

Double Six is a leading sales acceleration firm specialising in providing innovative sales strategies and tools to high tech organisations. Recognising the increasing demand for solar energy solutions in the commercial sector, Double Six sought to collaborate with UCS Renewables, a reputable solar energy provider with expertise in designing and implementing solar systems. With a strong focus on sustainability and cost-effective solar energy solutions, UCS Renewables aimed to establish itself as a preferred provider in the commercial market.

Double Six have implemented strategic sales acceleration strategies and optimised tender responses focusing on accelerated sales growth and increased revenue. Together, we aim to achieve higher conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and establish UCS Renewables as the preferred provider of solar energy solutions in the commercial market.

We have dedicated a team to collaborate closely with UCS Renewable’s marketing and sales teams to develop compelling messaging and value propositions and rapidly increase sales. Highlighting the financial benefits, sustainability, and long-term cost savings of UCS Renewable’s commercial solar solutions. Double Six are also providing specialised support to UCS Renewables in finding, completing and winning tenders, our team are skilled at submitting optimised tender responses, leveraging their expertise in the commercial sector, to successfully secure tender wins and increase profitability.

UCS Renewables have already experienced increased conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, expanded market share, and capitalised on tender opportunities. Within just a matter of weeks we are pleased to be working on a number of large-scale projects valued at millions of pounds.

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